Thursday, September 4, 2008

Session 3, Hopper House- scroll down for more

Our third session, with a male model, Angel, was another success. Sketches displayed were done by: Mariet VanDerHeide, Carol Chung, Sarah Rothbank, Kerrie Sansky, Miriam Schulman, Marcia Heisler, Janet Hamlin and Ashley Newcomb. Please scroll down to see more. On a side note, a video link regarding my work was erroneously uploaded to this blog- was meant to go on my personal blog. I really want to keep the focus on what we as a group are doing in these figure drawing workshops. I'm so pleased with what I'm seeing coming out of these sessions- a wonderful diversity of styles.

Session 3, Hopper House

What a fantastic series we're building with these sessions! Our model was Angel and he gave us some wonderful classic poses.