Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More models, models everywhere- this friday evening in Nyack!

Kris Burns is gathering another Flash Mob this Friday- they are meeting at the Hopper House at 8:30pm and then dispersing to benches all over the village and occupying them at 9:30. Flash mobs are people who will show up and hold positions/poses during the set time in different locations. If you are looking for great live model drawing opportunities- better yet for FREE- then this might be for you! To get notified of more flash mob gatherings and for more information, go to THIS LINK.

May 19, 2011 session

Apologies with the late post; hardware issue that finally got fixed today. Artists include Christie Washburn, Kumike Buller, Lauren Boer, Anatoly Chernishove, Gabriella Moreno, Russell Eike, and Alyssa Ranker. Our model was Bruce.