Friday, July 1, 2011

A new location, new blog, summer sessions continue

Happy Summer ! Now that our figure drawing sessions are no longer being held at Hopper House, I have created a new blog! So from here on out, updates and postings can be found at the new blog site NYACK CENTER FIGURE DRAWING SUMMER SESSIONS WILL CONTINUE FOR NEXT 6 WEEKS. Final Summer session is AUGUST 11th. We will BREAK, and pick up our weekly sessions in the FALL as of SEPT. 8th. We are still affiliated with Hopper House; our annual December show 'Focus on the Figure' will be in the Hopper gallery. The theme of that show will be Hopper-inspired work, so in the Fall we'll be setting some sessions where we pose models to re-create Hopper scenes. Once dates and themes are set, I'll put a notice on this blog as well as email out to the artists.

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 23, 2011 at Nyack Center

Great session! With Nyack Center as our new permanent home, it's been working out wonderfully. Artists whose work is shown here include: Alyssa Ranker, Judi Sherman, Michael Gaffney, Jim McNaughton, Lauren Boer, James Leonard, Anatoly Chernishov, Marica Heisler, Mark Hagar, Christie Washburn, and Janet Hamlin. We have a lovely female model for this week, Tania, so please come on by and join us! Please note: sessions will continue through mid-August. We will then take a 3 week break and return second week of September. Nyack Center is now our permanent figure drawing location, as Hopper House is no longer able to house our sketching sessions due to insurance issues. However, we will have our annual show in Dec 'Focus on the Figure' in the HH galleries, with the focus on Hopper inspired figurative works.