Sunday, March 27, 2011

Figure Drawing moves to NYACK CENTER

From this week until end of June, our Thursday drawing sessions will be held in the back room at Nyack Center, South Broadway and Depew, just blocks from Hopper House. Hope to see you there!

March 24 figure drawing session

Another full house and great drawing session, with our model Tania holding some amazing poses. She never fails to bring out the best in all of us. Artists whose work is shown here include: Anotoly Cherniskov, John O'Connor, Lauren Boer, Dana Walker, Stefano Bougion, Aplsd21, Jim McNaughton, Babriella Moreno, Amelie Southwood, Kim Adele Rosner, Alyssa Ranker, Christie Washburn, Michael Meyerowitz, David Del Campo, Russ Eike, and Janet Hamlin. Please note our sessions will now be held at NYACK CENTER, South Broadway and Depew, from March 31- end of June.