Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer break; sessions to continue at GaGa

Figure drawing sessions will be held at GaGa- see above. Have a wonderful summer! See you back at Hopper House as sessions begin again September 9..

July 1 session at Hopper House

Our final session at Hopper House before the summer break was a hit; our models Tania and Bruce gave us great poses, and we had a great turnout. Artists whose work is shown here include: Mariet VanderHeide, Allan Rosenberg, A.J. Paullay, Dan Dugan, Christie Washburn, P.D. Schmidt, Alyssa Ranker, Maureen Hart, Talia Steinman, Tory Jason, Emily Keppler, and Janet Hamlin. To all our artists I say 'thank you' for your energy, enthusiasm and creativiity. Our program is self-sustaining, and has flourished this past year. So much so, that we've been able to give back in scholarships as well as purchase things that make our program that much better. Have a wonderful summer- and be sure to check out the sessions that will continue at GaGa. Hopper House sessions will begin again September 9.