Friday, June 12, 2009

Important updates

Hello fellow artists, A few updates to tell you about as summer fast approaches. Our upcoming session will be hosted by Dan Dugan with what he promises to be 'a spectacular model', June 18th. Please, those that can participate come on down; I believe he'll be giving out options for summer workshops and we need a robust turnout to cover the expense of having him host. Our new (used) spotlight has arrived and makes a noticeable difference in the experience of drawing the model. Thanks to all of you, the funds we generated from our drawing sessions were used to purchase it. As a completely non-profit self-sustaining workshop I am thrilled that we were able to do this. That said, lately our numbers have dwindled somewhat, due I'm sure to year's end and summer's approach. I do hope there is enough interest to continue the program. I am open to any and all feedback to make this a rich and enjoyable experience. We are beginning to add props and I have a wider variety of models that I'll rotate in. Please note that as if this email we have 3 sessions left before breaking over the summer, our last session is July 2. We will start up again September 17 and continue weekly from that point on, given continued interest. It has been such a great pleasure to meet each of you. I hope this finds you all well, best, Janet

Monday, June 8, 2009

june 4th drawing session

Models Eugene Moli and Les Treboney were wonderful to draw - our new spot adds quite a bit as well. Next week's session, June 18th, will be facilitated by Dan Dugan who promises a spectacular model. Please bear that in mind. Also, a reminder, we will break over the summer. JULY 2 is final session until we start up on SEPT 17 with a flourish.

June 4th drawing session

Two new models to our venue brought out some very nice compositions. Next week June 18th Dan Dugan will be facilitating, a real treat as he promises a spectacular model for the session.