Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 7 2009 drawing session- 3 total posts

Sara was our model this week and participants include: Mariet VanderHeide, Jim Ramsay, Jean Doyle, Fred Letzer, Aj Pauley, Carol Chung, Janet Hamlin, Christie Washburn. Please keep scrolling to see the rest of the work from this session.

May 7 2009 drawing session post 2

Never a dull moment during our drawing sessions- scroll down for more examples of what's coming out of our open drawing sessions and come join us!

May 7 2009 drawing session

Participants include Mariet VanderHeide, Jim Ramsay, Jean Doyle, Carol Chung, AJ Pauley, Christie Washburn, Fred Letzer and Janet Hamlin

Monday, May 11, 2009

Upcoming session

Hello! Just an update as some have asked to be notified of our next model. We have a male model, Angel, booked this Thursday the 14th of May, and the following week a female. I'll be posting work either later today or tomorrow so you can see the results of last week's artwork extravaganza. We have the rest of May and June with regular sessions Thursdays 7-10:30 pm. In JULY as the JAZZ SESSIONS begin, we will put the drawing sessions on HOLD. We'll start up with a flourish in September, renewed and ready to begin again. See you on Thursday, best, Janet