Friday, November 21, 2008

Focus on the Figure show information

Here is the key information for our upcoming show. The link will take you to Hopper House to download forms to enter work that you did during Hopper House figure drawing sessions. Click HERE . There will be NO SESSION on Thanksgiving. We'll pick up the following week with a female model, Jean. Hope to see you all there. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th session

WE had Lalainya modeling, and had a great turnout. Works here are done by the following participants: Mel Balanon, Mariet Van der Heide, Conor MacCallan-Finkelman, Christie Washburn, Louis Spitz, Joyce Blossom, Michael Houghton, Matt Gordon and Janet Hamlin. Please come see the show 'Focus on the Figure' up December 6-21.

november 20 posting #2

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November 20 posting #3

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November 20th session

Another great, great session!