Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Hopper scenes

href=""> We had a great turnout, especially considering the daunting weather. Our models held perfect poses, and we were able to come pretty close to original scenes that looked quite like the Hopper paintings we set out to re-create. I have uploaded the original Hopper work, a photo of the scene, and the studies that came out of the session. Just wonderful. Our artists include: Alyssa Ranker, Mark Hagar, Jim McNaughton, Janine Clark, Tara Holland, Russ Eike, Grace Belmonte, Joyce Blossom, Melanie Rodriguez, Christie Washburn, Juline Ng, Liz Sayles, Jessie Dow, Janine Clarke, and Janet Hamlin. Our models were Nick and Sara holding the male/female poses, and Leigh in individual female poses.