Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer arts program

Over the summer, Melanie Rodriguez and several mentor artists from our figure drawing ran a 7 week workshop for youth in arts. Funding was provided by a generous donation from Rod Rodriguez and also via our figure drawing program. Beautiful art was created, and even had a showing in town. Huge thanks to Melanie for bringing the talented mentors together and running such a successful program; and huge thanks to those mentors who volunteered. One to One mentor teaching summer workshop with 10 YMCA students... all supplies provided bu donation, time , love , paint , canvases and food... Our artist and resident photographer was- Sarah Bloom with Priya Greg (Student) -We have Tara Holland (our 16 yr old artist teacher- with Chelsea Frazer (her student painter - Ted Gusek (teacher) with Ta'Ran Tann (African Merican Male Student Painter) -Stephan Mannion (teacher) with Annette Jean-Lois (Student painter) -Julie Ng (18 yr. old student teacher) with Tashina Bradshaw (student painter) -Alyssa Ranker (artist teacher) with Laura Harris (student paniter) -Rodd Rodriguez (teaching Artist) with Mikaela Filsaime (student -Melanie Rodriguez (teacher) with Andrew Mayers (student Artist) -John Ryan Solis (atist teacher) with Wendy Pierre-Jean (student painter) Also Gretchen Kane (does other children's workshops with HH) volunteered one session with YMCA's Mariah Salter (who painted the only Horizontal painting (TIM BURTON'S MAD HATTER'S EYES)... IT WAS WONDERFUL!