Friday, July 1, 2011

A new location, new blog, summer sessions continue

Happy Summer ! Now that our figure drawing sessions are no longer being held at Hopper House, I have created a new blog! So from here on out, updates and postings can be found at the new blog site NYACK CENTER FIGURE DRAWING SUMMER SESSIONS WILL CONTINUE FOR NEXT 6 WEEKS. Final Summer session is AUGUST 11th. We will BREAK, and pick up our weekly sessions in the FALL as of SEPT. 8th. We are still affiliated with Hopper House; our annual December show 'Focus on the Figure' will be in the Hopper gallery. The theme of that show will be Hopper-inspired work, so in the Fall we'll be setting some sessions where we pose models to re-create Hopper scenes. Once dates and themes are set, I'll put a notice on this blog as well as email out to the artists.

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